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Happy endings at a beauty day spa?

I've talked to many men who have gotten the "happy ending handjob" on the road. I ask you - where are these places for women? OK, granted, it would have to be the right situation in the right place with the right person - but, why not give us the option?

I once read an article (I think it was in Cosmo) about how women were getting more happy endings - and liking it! The in-room hotel massage that goes a little further. The beauty day spa deep tissue that goes a little...deeper. Just like with guys, the stories mostly involve handjobs. I could do that. Going further would be too weird.

And yeah, I know that there are places that specialize in erotic massage. But it would seem so less skanky if it just happened. Or, more accurately, if I pay for it, it shows intent. If it just happens to me, I can kick back and enjoy the fantasy.

I almost had it happen once at a Hilton (a Hilton of all places!). Then the cute, 20-something guy told me that he just got in trouble for it with his boss, and he couldn't do that anyore. Dammit! Then why did you have to tell me? I could have really, really used it back then, too. And I tip really well.

Any female road warriors out there getting the happy ending? Was it good for you - or way too strange?


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I was recently at a Spa in Philadelphia and a therapist tried to give me a happy ending. It was the most uncomfortably pleasurable experience of my life. I was frozen I could not move. Although at the time it felt good at the end I felt very violated almost petrified. I wasn't able to look him in the face after my massage. Very weird.

This job used to be done by doctors. In fact, getting a hand-job was the #1 reason women went to the doctor about a hundred years ago. Check out a book called "Technology of Orgasm" by Rachel Maines. Great book; amazing story.

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